Is it just me, or is anyone else growing increasingly annoyed at the growing frequency the word ‘shtreet’ is shpreading across the airwaves like some viral, contrived shtick?

With a big emphasis on contrived.

For some on-air anchors, reporters or commentators it may be a matter of poor teeth. But for others, it comes across as ‘somefing’ that smacks of poor contrivance in an effort to ‘git their cool on’ in the Obama inauguration afterglow.

On channels such as MTV, VH1, BET and so on where the lexicon of the day has been driven by the ‘gangsta’ music culture, the evolution wouldn’t be that different from how ‘fab’ entered our lexicon after The Beatles arrived in 1964. However, when it starts popping up, suddenly out of nowhere, on news channels and journalistic programs where the elecutional bar is usually raised a lot higher, a lot of otherwise articulate personalities are reduced to dumbed-down panderers of trendy ‘rapspeak’. And there are no race cards being played here – because people of every color or hue have been doing it.

It wouldn’t be as annoying, perhaps, if other words starting with ‘str’ were given the same treatment; then at least you could write it off to corroded canines, battered bicuspids or immense incisors.

But when it’s the only ‘str’ word in a few paragraphs that contain other cleanly articulated ‘str’ words, the contrivance becomes as annoying as the bad English, and just as annoying as enduring a generation of ‘valley-girls’ who’ve matured into the demographic of reporters fronting those ‘inflection-affected’, cookie-cutter ‘live’ stand-ups with the contrived sense of urgency in every local market around the country, or spouting commentary on talk shows at a zoloft-fueled cadence (punctuated by the Madonna/Tyra Banks ‘eyelid flutter’) that sounds like an ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks record’. WhatEvuuuuuur . . .

The latter is a social phenomenon spawned by a 1983 movie. The former shtick seems to be accelerating because of the ‘black is the new black’, jump-on-the-Obama-bandwagon momentum, and is evolving into the mainstream from the ‘wiggerization’ phenomenon that evolved out of the gangsta music scene.

It’s a free country, and people are free to make their own choices of what they want to wear, how they want to look and how they want to speak.

But when it comes to intelligent tv and radio news consumers, (of which I humbly hope to be considered among), who don’t like the news f**ked with, contrary to the machinations of news ‘doctors’ everywhere, this latest trend, (especially the contrived part of it),  just sounds shtupid.